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This year's hiking season ending early...

20 Apr 2017 11:16 PM | Anonymous

Hello you wild child!  I'm writing this quick note to update you about the remainder of our hiking season.  We will continue to hike through the beginning of June, but the schedule may be somewhat erratic.  

My schedule will be affected by family responsibilities.  My mother has scheduled a major operation (this is not an emergency, it has been an expected surgery) for May 3.  I will be out of town for at least a week, maybe more, helping my parents during that time.  I want to make myself available to them at short notice beyond that as well, so I thought it best to formally end our hiking season early this year.  

I will definitely continue to schedule hikes because I want to keep up with our adventures as much as I hope you do.  Hiking with the Wild Women is my favorite thing to do. But I will schedule some upcoming adventures on a less predictable schedule.  If you have been paying monthly dues, you have probably already received a number of accounting emails come from the club website and PayPal halting all dues, and your membership status has been changed to "Summer Membership".  Other than that nothing will have changed for you.  You can continue to use the website as you usually do.

This upcoming week: April 24-28 we will hike on Tuesday and Friday as usual. I've had kids home sick from school this week and have had a cold myself, so I've not had time to sit at my computer to create the events, but mark Tuesday for a FUN FIELDTRIP to the Devil's Punchbowl in Pearblossom.  It is totally amazing and we need to go see it before it gets too hot! Check it out at http://www.devils-punchbowl.com  I'll email you the official event details over the weekend so you can RSVP.

Ta Ta For Now!



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