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Sheep Corral Loop - Tuesday 4/18 9:30am

17 Apr 2017 3:33 PM | Anonymous

There is a 50% chance of rain tomorrow morning. We have a couple of confirmed "Yes Anyway" hikers from the Agoura/Westlake area so we will hike in that part of town tomorrow rain or shine (I doubt it will be a serious downpour).  I picked a trail that is a great hike and hopefully won't be too muddy of a surface. Everyone is welcome. If you have decided to join us, RSVP ASAP so we will know to look for you.

The Chumash lived in these canyons for thousands of years. Many trails may have originated with the Chumash and then were expanded by the ranchers who followed.  For more than 150 years, ranchers made these canyons their home. Incredibly, grizzly bears used to roam this countryside, but were exterminated by the ranchers.  The Juan Bautista De Anza party travelled these canyons as well on their historic 1774 journey from Nogales, Arizona to settle San Francisco, California for Spain.

This is a beautiful hike that looks and feels ancient and rustic. We will start the loop hiking up Palo Comado Canyon, then over to Shepard's Flat where the remnants of an antique sheep corral stands stands below the towering canyon walls. We will return via Cheeseboro Canyon and over the summit of the hill between the two canyons.

Distance Approx.: 6.5 miles

Time Approx: 3 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

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