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El Scorpion Park / Ahmanson Ranch - Friday 4/21 9:30am

15 Apr 2017 8:09 PM | Anonymous

For thousands of years natives and ranchers enjoyed living in the lush, verdant, rolling hills that is now Ahmanson Ranch and El Scorpion Park.  Castle Peak in El Scorpion Park was an important landmark for the native tribes throughout the Los Angeles basin. It was pronounced Ka-se-lew peak and tribes would journey to its base during the solstice to have important intertribal meetings in the village of Huwam.

Down the ridge from Ka-se-lew peak (Castle Peak) is a prehistoric shaman cave called the Cave of Munits.  Those who desire to go inside the cave, will have the opportunity to climb inside and explore.

We will then walk the rolling green hills and dales of Ahmanson Ranch that this years rains have restored to pastoral green.

Distance: APPROX 6 miles
Approximate hiking time: 3 hours
Elevation difficulty: Moderate

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