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  • 11 Jun 2017 9:22 AM | Anonymous

    Many thanks to 20secondsofjoy.com for featuring Wild Women Hiking Adventure Club in her article "Top 25 Hiking Blogs You Must Follow in 2017"


    Please sit down with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and read her wonderful article.  The list of blogs and the women they feature are truly inspiring.

    The Wild Women Hiking hiking season is from September through June (due to high summer temperatures, kids' school schedules, and family vacations) so we are currently on Summer hiatus.  But that doesn't mean you cannot join the club.  Sign up now and be ready to go when the first Adventure is posted in September!  JOIN NOW

    In the meantime, I will continue to update my hiking blog at DustyHouseAdventures.com whenever the kids give me free time over the summer.  I post a lot of photos of my backcountry expeditions over there as well as explorations of my current passion which is Native American archaeological sites that are hidden in the wilderness.  Maybe some of my personal adventures will inspire you to do a little more exploring of your own.  Please get in touch with me and share your wonderful travel stories as well.  I'm curious to hear what other explorers are up to.



  • 03 Jun 2017 4:58 PM | Anonymous


    Hiking with the Wild Women is the most fun I have all week.  I look forward to getting back on the trail with you in September!

    There will be some exciting changes coming in September that will give everybody even more opportunities to enjoy the wilderness.  In addition to a once weekly (most weeks) hikes, I will be bringing back Trail Tone on a regular basis.  Trail Tone is a hike that includes upper body toning exercises.  I will also be offering occasional weekend camping Expeditions to enable us to explore some of the more exotic wilderness spaces around us.

    We will also have a new membership fee structure that both saves you money and adds value to your membership.  Annual Dues will be $40/year.  That gives you unlimited participation in Hiking Adventures, plus the opportunity to purchase participation in Trail Tone Adventures a la carte.  Or you sign up for a Wild & Free Membership at $149/year that will include unlimited access to all Hiking Adventures and Trail Tone Adventures.  Weekend Expeditions will be special events that everyone will be invited to join and fees for those will vary.

    I'm excited to bring you some new opportunities in the upcoming hiking season.  In the meantime, have a great summer and feel free to stay in touch about meeting up for hikes.  My kids are bigger now and I can leave them home alone while I hike sometimes so I hope to get out more this summer when we aren't traveling.



  • 23 Apr 2017 4:19 PM | Anonymous

    It is spring and that means the whales are migrating near Point Dume.  They like to swim back and forth from north of Point Dume and directly to the point.  They like to scratch the barnacles off their bellies using the rocks at Point Dume so you can see them up close and personal.  Dolphins and seals are other sea creatures that like to hang out around Point Dume.  

    We will hike an ocean view hike at Zuma Canyon then caravan over to Point Dume Natural Preserve and hike the short trail out to the point to see if we can spot some whales.

    Distance: Zuma Canyon 3.1 miles, Point Dume 2/3 mile round trip
    Approximate hiking time: 2 hours at Zuma Canyon, +/- 1 hour at Point Dume
    Elevation difficulty: Moderate

  • 23 Apr 2017 3:41 PM | Anonymous

    Devil's Punchbowl is owned and operated by Los Angeles County Department of Parks & Recreation, but is not like any other park.  It is a totally unique geological wonder.  It is a deep canyon full of enormous spiky chunks of sea sediment that were tilted on their sides by action in the San Andreas, Pinyon and Punchbowl faults.  The Pacific Crest Trail traverses the mountainside looking down not he punchbowl as it descends the San Gabriel Mountains and enters the desert gateway.  

    This will be a hiking adventure and a fun opportunity to see an unusual feature of our local landscape that you may not have heard of or made the time to check out yet.  We will definitly hike the one-mile loop trail down into the canyon and back out again, then, as time allow, we can hike a little bit of the Pacific Crest Trail along the mountainside. There is a Visitor Center full of local information that is fun to check out as well.

    Parking and admission is Free.

    Bring a sack lunch.

    Distance: Open ended
    Approximate hiking time: 3 hours
    Elevation difficulty: Moderate

  • 20 Apr 2017 11:16 PM | Anonymous

    Hello you wild child!  I'm writing this quick note to update you about the remainder of our hiking season.  We will continue to hike through the beginning of June, but the schedule may be somewhat erratic.  

    My schedule will be affected by family responsibilities.  My mother has scheduled a major operation (this is not an emergency, it has been an expected surgery) for May 3.  I will be out of town for at least a week, maybe more, helping my parents during that time.  I want to make myself available to them at short notice beyond that as well, so I thought it best to formally end our hiking season early this year.  

    I will definitely continue to schedule hikes because I want to keep up with our adventures as much as I hope you do.  Hiking with the Wild Women is my favorite thing to do. But I will schedule some upcoming adventures on a less predictable schedule.  If you have been paying monthly dues, you have probably already received a number of accounting emails come from the club website and PayPal halting all dues, and your membership status has been changed to "Summer Membership".  Other than that nothing will have changed for you.  You can continue to use the website as you usually do.

    This upcoming week: April 24-28 we will hike on Tuesday and Friday as usual. I've had kids home sick from school this week and have had a cold myself, so I've not had time to sit at my computer to create the events, but mark Tuesday for a FUN FIELDTRIP to the Devil's Punchbowl in Pearblossom.  It is totally amazing and we need to go see it before it gets too hot! Check it out at http://www.devils-punchbowl.com  I'll email you the official event details over the weekend so you can RSVP.

    Ta Ta For Now!



  • 17 Apr 2017 3:33 PM | Anonymous

    There is a 50% chance of rain tomorrow morning. We have a couple of confirmed "Yes Anyway" hikers from the Agoura/Westlake area so we will hike in that part of town tomorrow rain or shine (I doubt it will be a serious downpour).  I picked a trail that is a great hike and hopefully won't be too muddy of a surface. Everyone is welcome. If you have decided to join us, RSVP ASAP so we will know to look for you.

    The Chumash lived in these canyons for thousands of years. Many trails may have originated with the Chumash and then were expanded by the ranchers who followed.  For more than 150 years, ranchers made these canyons their home. Incredibly, grizzly bears used to roam this countryside, but were exterminated by the ranchers.  The Juan Bautista De Anza party travelled these canyons as well on their historic 1774 journey from Nogales, Arizona to settle San Francisco, California for Spain.

    This is a beautiful hike that looks and feels ancient and rustic. We will start the loop hiking up Palo Comado Canyon, then over to Shepard's Flat where the remnants of an antique sheep corral stands stands below the towering canyon walls. We will return via Cheeseboro Canyon and over the summit of the hill between the two canyons.

    Distance Approx.: 6.5 miles

    Time Approx: 3 hours

    Difficulty: Moderate

  • 15 Apr 2017 8:09 PM | Anonymous

    For thousands of years natives and ranchers enjoyed living in the lush, verdant, rolling hills that is now Ahmanson Ranch and El Scorpion Park.  Castle Peak in El Scorpion Park was an important landmark for the native tribes throughout the Los Angeles basin. It was pronounced Ka-se-lew peak and tribes would journey to its base during the solstice to have important intertribal meetings in the village of Huwam.

    Down the ridge from Ka-se-lew peak (Castle Peak) is a prehistoric shaman cave called the Cave of Munits.  Those who desire to go inside the cave, will have the opportunity to climb inside and explore.

    We will then walk the rolling green hills and dales of Ahmanson Ranch that this years rains have restored to pastoral green.

    Distance: APPROX 6 miles
    Approximate hiking time: 3 hours
    Elevation difficulty: Moderate

  • 02 Apr 2017 11:19 PM | Anonymous

    4/10-14 LAUSD & LVUSD Spring Break - NO SCHEDULED HIKES

  • 01 Apr 2017 11:10 PM | Anonymous

    By golly, we're going to get out there yet!  Last Friday we collectively decided that it was too cold and windy in Lancaster to carry out this field trip and opted to hike in a warmer part of town.  Great choice because we had a blast, but we still plan to make that trip to the poppies -- this Thursday!

    The poppies are in bloom at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve.  The park hopes that this week's rain will make even more bloom over the next couple of weeks as long as we don't have a heat wave.  We will hike an approx. three-mile loop around the east side of the park where the poppy bloom is best.  We also have the option to add on another loop around the west side to see some different flowers.  The grape soda lupin really do smell like grape soda!

    Bring a sack lunch so we can have a picnic after the hike.  

    Following the hike, if you have time we can drive The Musical Road a few miles away, on the way back the freeway.  If you don't know what that is, it is a stretch of street that if you drive over it at 55 miles per hour the bumps in the road make you tires play The Lone Ranger Theme Song.


    • It gets pretty windy out there so be bring a jacket and a hat that won't fly off.
    • There is no shade so bring proper sun protection.
    • There is a nice bathroom in the visitor center building so you don't have to bother with the port-a-potties in the parking lot.

    For more info about the poppy preserve go to their website: http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=627

    Our return time for this one is kind of open ended. If you want to keep to a specific schedule, it would be a good idea to bring your own car.  It will be easy for you to return to your car at any time.

    Members RSVP

    JOIN the Club

  • 30 Mar 2017 8:41 PM | Anonymous

    The effort this spring is to visit as many verdant sites around the region where the wonderful rains this year may have encouraged the maximum amount of wildflowers to sprout.  Let's check out what's blooming out on the rolling mountains near Newhall.

    This loop hike will take us through Towsley Canyon and Wiley Canyon, the heartland of California's historic oil industry. Ever see the movie "There Will Be Blood"?  This is the kind of site where that story would have taken place. 

    The native Tataviam Indians used the naturally flowing asphalt here for its medicinal properties and as a sealant for basketry. Darius Towsley filed a placer claim here in 1865, but seems to have immediately sold it to Wiley Springs Oil Company which began operating on the land the same year -- hence the names Towsley Canyon and Wiley Canyon that are features of this hike. Today all of the oil drilling hardware has been removed from these hills and what remains are the stunning views. 

    Towsley Canyon is hilly and wooded (it is a challenging climb up to the ridge). Wiley Canyon is a wonderful slot canyon type of stone canyon with water running through it. With the recent rains it may be particularly interesting.  We may get our feet wet coming out of Wiley Canyon, but it is toward the end of the hike so don't stress too much about that.  Just throw a dry pair in the car for after.

    Distance: approx 5.5 miles
    Approximate hiking time: 3 hrs
    Elevation Gain: 1671 ft
    Difficulty: Strenuous (and beautiful)

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