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Hiking and yoga go together like peas and carrots, like wine and cheese, like foot massages and longer foot massages. Mmmm. 

Hiking yoga is a unique way to mindfully connect your body to the earth while disconnecting from the city.  

Yoga instructor, Susan Keller, will lead you on a 3 mile (roundtrip) skyline hike and guide you through rejuvenating yoga stretches and mindfulness meditation.  You will be so blissed out after this experience that L.A. traffic will feel like a fun way to hang out with locals.

Bring a yoga mat or a towel and wear loose or flexible hiking clothing. Wear hiking shoes or hiking boots and you will have an opportunity to remove your shoes for the longer yoga segment if you wish.

Schedule: Bi-weekly at 9:30am
Difficulty: Beginner
Length: Approx. 2 hours
Hiking Distance: 3 miles
Cost: $10

Hiking Yoga  is a premium adventure available to Members Only for $10 registration fee.  Upgrade your membership to "WILD & FREE MEMBERSHIP" and Hiking Yoga experiences are included at no extra charge.


Susan Keller is a Vinyasa Yoga teacher with a background in dance and fitness training. She is also a beloved member of Wild Women Hiking!

We always begin where we are. 

Now begins yoga.


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