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Wild Women Hiking is proud to be one of the few hiking groups in Los Angeles that is legally permitted by the park services to lead guided hikes on park land. The permitting process is arduous and quite expensive, but elevates Wild Women Hiking to a level of professionalism that benefits you!

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Wild Women Hiking Is "The Buzz"

Adventure Guide
Angeline Duran PiotrowskiMy name is Angeline Duran Piotrowski. I am your Adventure Guide.

I am an avid hiker, camper, backpacker, and explorer.  I am a certified Wilderness First Responder and Personal Fitness Instructor.

I'm a homemaker, wife and mother to two adventurous young boys. My favorite trails are the historic routes that have a story to tell about those who passed there long ago, and there are many in the Los Angeles wilderness that sheltered native villages, Spanish ranches, gold miners, oil tycoons, and movie stars.

My personal day-hiking best is 24 miles in one day from the north rim of the Grand Canyon to the South Rim (see my victory picture above).  My favorite wilderness exploration was of the Sierra Ancha Wilderness in Arizona where I explored 700 year old cliff dwellings in three remote canyons over three days. (Two rooms of a 70 room cliff dwelling complex is in photo below.)

I look forward to guiding you through our local wilderness and sharing some cultural history and natural beauty that can only be found on foot.

My personal blog is at www.dustyhouseadventures.com

Why Just Women?
When I tell people about my solo day hikes and backpacking trips, the first thing most women say to me is, "Aren't you afraid out there by yourself?" I've heard this question so many times that I've come to realize that the fear of hiking alone is holding many women back from experiencing the amazing treasures in wilderness. That is no longer a problem.  This club provides hiking buddies and all of them are women (so no worries about unfamiliar men in the backcountry either). It also provides a members-only website that keeps our meeting spots, and member roster accessible only to members in good standing.

Personally, I have found strangers on the trail to be friendly, helpful and generous fellow hikers, but I have had some misadventures. I've almost stepped on a coiled rattlesnake, been stalked by a deranged coyote, felt uncertain in the company of a stranger, and severely twisted my ankle on a mountain 3 1/2 miles away from help. So I can understand why some people, especially women, may feel vulnerable alone on the trail. What this group offers is safety in numbers and the chance to spend time with other friendly, supportive, inclusive, fun-loving women who enjoy hiking.

This group does not promote or support any particular sexual orientation.  

There are all ability levels and we do our best to plan adventures that appeal to everyone.

Men are welcome to accompany members as guests, but only women may become members and have access to the club roster and chat groups. This club is for the ladies.

Women age eighteen (18) and over are invited to become members.
Membership Fee?

$40 / YEAR - Unlimited Access To Hiking Adventures

$149 / YEAR - Unlimited Access To Hiking Adventures AND Trail Tone Classes

"Wild Weekend" Adventures and Specialty Experiences will be scheduled periodically. 
Price to participate in these events will vary and be a la carte.

Why Membership Fee?
  • Wild Women Hiking is a professional guide service, rather than a "hiking group". How does that make it better for you? Safety and experience. Please read on.
  • Adventures are lead by an experienced adventure guide certified in Wilderness Medicine as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and Personal Fitness Instruction
  • Wild Women Hiking is one of the few hiking groups in Los Angeles that is legally permitted by the park services to guide hikes on parkland. The permitting process is arduous and quite expensive, but elevates Wild Women Hiking to a level of professionalism that benefits you.
  • Adventures are scouted on foot and mapped in advance to plan route and mileage.
  • Maps are distributed for each hike if possible (it is almost always possible) so you can revisit the hike or choose a different pace than the group.
  • Our dynamic website provides privacy and security to members.
  • Dues support the website fees, advertising that help women like you find this group, the security of having a trained and certified guide, and the confidence that your guide has been recognized and approved by the park service to lead you into the wilderness. 
  • More than all of that, we feel that our adventures create an inclusive and supportive atmosphere that is unique amongst outdoor adventure groups. Our members thrive and become empowered in unexpected ways. We invite you to experience it for yourself.

Our Wild Adventures
Rustic Canyon

Wild Women Hiking Adventures are curated and lead by our Adventure Guide, Angeline Duran Piotrowski. Our hikes are selected because they are the most historically interesting and naturally beautiful trails in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Wild Women Hiking leads vigorous day hikes into the Santa Monica Mountains, along the Malibu Coast, throughout Los Angeles Basin and Foothills including Griffith Park, and parts of Ventura County. Incidentally, as a fitness program, hiking burns around 400 calories per hour and unlike the gym, has no walls.  Wild Women Hiking is proud to be in its fifth year specializing in women-only wilderness experiences.

Distance: 3 to 10 miles
Hiking Time: 1.5 to 5 hours
Hiking Speed: 2 to 3 mph
Time: Weekday mornings (Occasional evenings or weekends)
Days: Various

You can choose from several hikes per month.  Hikes are added to the calendar approx. one week in advance to plan for weather. 

Guided Hikes: Wild Women Adventures will provide you with scheduled conditioning hikes with an Adventure Guide and a map of the route (if possible, which it usually is).  Although your guide will share points of general interest about the trail, you will not be stopping frequently to examine plants and listen for birds.  The hike will keep moving at a vigorous pace.  It will be your workout for the day and you will love every gorgeous, sweaty minute of it.

Leaderless Hikes: Members can meet to hike together without a leader on these casual adventures organized by other members. These are usually planned amongst members by email or text.

Hike participants are all members of Wild Women Hiking and their registered guests. The number of people in attendance varies from just you and the Adventure Guide to a whole rowdy bunch.  The bottom line is that you will always have a buddy to hike with, so you can feel free to venture into the wilderness with safety in numbers.

Rain and forecasted temperatures of 90+ cancel hikes.

Our hikes are for people only. 

Members may access our Hiker Handbook  which has more information about local regulations regarding dogs on trails.

Members are automatically invited to all our Adventures. They may also register guests to accompany them for a nominal $5 fee. Once registration is complete, there are no cancellations or refunds issued for no-shows. Registration for all hikes closes 24 hours prior to the event. Hikes begin promptly as scheduled, those arriving late will be considered "no-shows", so make sure to arrive early.

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